Image credits: Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent Van Duysen

architect and designer

Vincent Van Duysen wears many hats but not in the way that one would distract from the other - in fact quite the opposite. The Belgian architect practices a design ethic he titled ‘The art of living’ , integrating architecture, interior design and furniture design as one. He notes “architecture was always about a broader context that is not just about the building and constructing. I see architecture as not only creating spaces, but also giving space to products that belong in them.” And it is the connection between the architectural space and the interiors placed within them that create the unique environment and a successful living space.

He works extremely closely with his clients, spending a lot of time collaborating with them on ideas to appreciate how they would like to live in the space and their needs from their home. The underlying philosophy is the scrupulous attention for the individual perception of space.

The architect is responsible for one of my favourite buildings - the home of filmmaker David Heyman and his wife, the interior designer Rose Uniacke - Vincent spent over 3 years working with Uniacke to reimagine the vast spaces within the unique building that was previously owned by Scottish society portrait painter James Rannie Swinton.
The result is immaculate and has led to widespread pictures of their home and interior designers and architects worldwide seeking inspiration and ideas from the property.

As a designer, Vincent’s domestic environments master the idea of pared-back simplicity, all showing his monastic influence within their construction.
Clean lines, almost sacred geometries, and sensual uses of light, shape and natural materials make up a decidedly individualistic and emotional portfolio of work.

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