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Alyssa Kapito

Interior Designer

New York-based designer Alyssa Kapito has a wonderful ability to harness the tension between the past and the present to create clear, elegant interiors that are the true essence of modernity.

Embracing the classical values of balance, proportion, symmetry and scale, the designer expertly appreciates the architectural canvas and places carefully-considered furnishings to achieve unique, sophisticated living spaces that also successfully meet the demands of modern life.

When it comes to a new project, what is your starting point?

Every project is really different since the actual space often dictates what I plan to do. When I work with clients, I like to get a sense of their taste first and then, when I walk into the space, I'm hit immediately with some initial ideas -
that first impression of a space is really powerful and important for me, because it usually just grows off of that.

How do you look to a building's original architecture to inform your design process?

It's probably one of the most important aspects for me.
Each space has its own personality and you have to respect it.
It's not that dissimilar from dressing different body types actually, I am always trying to highlight the positives.

How important is a properties architecture to the end result?

Very. Good design always looks at it's best when paired with good architecture. I also work in a more simple way than most decorators - I don't like things overdecorated so the architecture really has a voice in my work.

When working on a renovation,
what do you feel is the most important thing to get right?

The door heights, the windows, the floors, the paint colours, the mouldings... Honestly I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I think it's important to get everything right! If you have the opportunity to make a choice, put the time in to do the research, collect pictures of things you love and try to emulate them, because all of those details matter.

Your interiors often feature great collectors items,
what do you tend to collect yourself?

I love French Modern and Scandinavian pieces -
Charlotte Perriand, Jean Michel Frank, Georges Jouve, Arne Bang, Fritz Henningsen and Kaare Klint are amongst my absolute favorites. And art plays such an important role as well. I'm endlessly inspired by the work of Donald Judd,
Cy Twombly and Agnes Martin.

Your interiors are always beautifully restrained and perfectly balanced, do you have any advice on how to achieve this?

People ask me about this a lot. I think I just don't love clutter and I know the exact point where a project is finished for me. I'm not sure that there's a science to that, just an instinct.

There is a great harmony between your furnishings and the art within a space, how do you go about choosing art, is it a starting point or something that is worked on later on?

Many people don't know that I was in art before I was in
interior design. Art plays such a huge roll in my work.
It's my second love after interiors and I always like for the interiors and the art to be in conversation with one another.
I track a lot of auction sales and visit lots of art shows, I've also found a lot of incredible work on Instagram. I usually place the art last after I figure out what the furniture will be.

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