Axel Vervoordt

Collector and Designer

Belgian antiques dealer, collector and interior designer,
Axel Vervoordt is one of the world’s most emulated tastemakers, celebrated for his minimalist eye which favours muted tones, natural materials, rich patinated antiques, framed by modern abstract art and ancient artefacts.

Over the past four decades, Vervoordt has drawn on different cultures and historical periods, intelligently mixing modern with ancient creating a serene sense of history and timelessness within his interiors. So interested in art and artefacts, he buys on average 200 pieces of furniture and art a month, adding to his inventory that currently runs up to 16,000 objects.

One of Vervoordt's most iconic looks came about when he collaborated with architect Tatsuro Miki, and between them they created a style called ‘Wabi’ after wabi-sabi, a Japanese philosophy that values the beauty of imperfection and reveres the objects that are humble and unassuming.
Since collaborating with Miki and writing the book ‘Wabi Inspirations’, this raw sense of style is consistently seen within his work, whether it is the starting point for the project or even just a flicker in the furniture and artwork chosen.

The Axel Vervoordt company has many arms from its origin as an Interior Design studio; it now has a leading art gallery, antiques dealership, home collection, real estate and a large development team (currently working on Antwerps 'Kanaal' project).

In spite of the companies expansion, Axel Vervoordt has stayed true to his commitment to inspire artists and audiences through discovering and transmitting the beautiful, with a deep respect for everything that is authentic.

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