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Atelier AM

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Since founding design studio Atelier AM, the husband-and-wife team, Michael and Alexandra Misczynski, have quickly become the most sought after designers for serious art collectors and connoisseurs in the US. The talented duo are known for their elegantly refined interiors and the ability to mix rarefied and the rough-hewn in both materials and objects.

In the couples latest book, Architectural Digest’s West Coast editor Mayer Rus writes “The rooms they devise are layered with weathered wooden floors and panelling, old masonry, hand-troweled plaster, cracked leather and flaked mirrors — all set confidently alongside glass, steel and other essentials of the modernist vocabulary.”

Their work references both European and American sensibilities seamlessly set amongst carefully curated furnishings, both antique and modern, always ensuring that each design is unique to its property.

To get a more detailed look at their design read their brilliant book 'Interiors | Atelier AM' available on Amazon.

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