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Out of Line Table

Bieke Castelyn

Doing away with tradition, designer Bieke Casteleyn introduces a format of dining, ignoring the previously trodden paths of designing simply round or square tables.

The Out of Line furniture collection sees tables of organic shapes made from a deliberately strong choice of materials (stucco lustro) that create a sculptural identity for the room - these are not just beautifully designed tables but artworks that can also be used in your everyday life.

Each piece is entirely handmade, which in turn makes each piece entirely unique. The production goes through many processes, starting with careful application of the stucco lustro which is then polished to a sheen with a precious stone that gives the plaster a deep, cloudy effect.
The plaster finish is saturated with a natural soap and wax layer to protect it and add shine.

There is a reason why the Out of Line collection is made of this material. The combination of organic lines and the strength of the design with the natural, imperfect but gentle character of the plaster creates a unique statement in the room.

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