Learning about Antiques

The Advice

Image credits: Isle Sur La Sorgue Market, Ile de Re

In my experience, the best way to learn about buying second hand goods is to get yourself out there and look for them.
Unless you are someone that likes to hide behind a book, hunting for them in person generally gives you the most information and is the most enjoyable. You probably won’t feel ready to buy on your first few trips but be honest with dealers about simply wanting to learn and, more often than not you will see their willingness to share their knowledge.
After all, it is an industry built on passion and so most of them love to talk about it.

Where to begin?

Start by gaining a broad perspective, you want to see the industry as a whole before you hone in on what you like. Markets and fairs are great starting points and will give you fast access to a whole range of vendors.

Once you start to define your preferred style you will be naturally led to specialist dealers and antiques shops.

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