The Pimlico Road


One of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday is pottering up and down The Pimlico Road; a rather upmarket street of antique shops, art galleries and restaurants tucked behind Chelsea’s Sloane Square.

This small pocket of Belgravia is home to some of London’s finest and most exciting antique shops and galleries. It's a must-visit destination, whether you have an expert eye or just fancy oogling the soughtafter designs, an afternoon spent meandering down the Pimlico Road is an enjoyable one.

Another attraction is the vast array of choice, expect to see everything from very traditional British design of the 17th century right through to the most sought after mid-century Italian design.

I am confident to say there is something for everyone, though perhaps not a price label for everyone. That said, don’t be intimidated by this, see it more as a gallery of inspiration instead of a shopping trip, a chance to look at the most tasteful and unusual furnishings and, in several cases, the chance to meet the designers and craftsmen themselves.

See below for some of my favourite spots:

Image credits: Rose Uniacke


No. 76 Pimlico Road

Rose Uniacke

The showroom of London’s most in demand interior designer Rose Uniacke is an elegant display of her impeccable offering of modern and antique furniture, lighting and home accessories. Here you will find rare items from a variety of periods; Rose doesn’t have a strict rulebook to what she sells, instead she just goes with her organic, instinctive approach, buying pieces that she truly loves.

An expert in creating serene calming interiors, her shop is no different. The ever changing stock of exquisite pieces are displayed sparingly against untreated wooden floorboards and chalk like walls. Sophisticated and comfortable, this is my favourite of all interiors shops.


No. 44 Pimlico Road

Daylesford Organic

Organic, seasonal and delicious food is beautifully displayed in this farm style shop with a casual restaurant and cafe accommodating those who would like to stay a little longer.
A modern take on farming, they have their branding down to perfection; everything is packaged in minimalist monochrome and meticulously placed in perfect rows set against a
marble backdrop.

Be careful not to get too brainwashed and pick sensibly; they make even the plainest of chickpeas look like a delicacy.


No. 93 Pimlico Road


Another great collector, Christopher Howe knows just about everything there is to know about good craftsmanship and great furniture design. Growing his encyclopaedic knowledge of interiors over a 30 year career, Christopher had a natural progression to produce his own bespoke collection
‘Made by Howe’, which in turn now offers a full interior design service.

Expect to find treasures redeemed from 18th-century English country houses and 19th-century arts and crafts, right through to 20th-century industrial pieces.


No. 95-97 Pimlico Road


Hands down, this is THE best shop for fireplaces. Owned by
Will Fisher, one of the most highly regarded antiques dealers, JAMB has a wide offering of both antique mantelpieces
(17th century, Georgian, Regency) and reproduction fireplaces, lighting and furniture.

Their taste is impeccable and their homelike in-store set ups are the perfect inspiration for creating that paired
back English feel.


No. 8 Holbein Place

Hilary Batstone

A close neighbour to her daughter’s showroom, situated on Holbein Place (just off the Pimlico Road), Hilary Batstone was one of the first antiques dealers to set up in the area. A charming, white-washed store with a slightly more Scandinavian look than her daughter’s, Hilary is an expert in Venetian mirrors, Swedish furniture and French Lighting; a source of inspiration for many decorators and a go to for
private collectors.


No. 37 Pimlico Road

The Orange

A great public house with a bar on the ground and a first floor restaurant with cosy simple bedrooms above; it is a casual environment for an afternoon break or a great place to settle into an evening of restaurant quality food served alongside a good wine list.


No. 36 Pimlico Road

Put Your Feet Up / La Poule Au Pot

After a relaxing slow afternoon, head to this Belgravia institution, a curious French bistro with Provencal interiors. Expect to enjoy hearty dishes surrounded by a comfortable setting of exposed brickwork and floral hanging baskets.

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