Buying Antiques

The advice

Image credits: Jamb, Axel Vervoordt, Nancy Braithwaite

There is something exciting about having an antique in your home; removing an item from its historical context and
re-housing it, giving an item a new purpose, independent of their history, now in your home.

When decorating your house, you shouldn’t be constrained to any one period, find beauty in combining all history, be it antique, mid-century modern or current day - by taking time over your collection, the result will be a harmonious home, unique to you living in it.

What is an antique?

An item must be at least 100 years old to be officially called an ‘antique’. Vintage goods are younger than that, generally at least 20 years old. 'Collectibles' can be any popular item, no matter the age — some collectibles may be vintage and others antique.

Why buy antique?

Even one or two antiques can infuse a home with warmth and personal style. Here are a few more reasons to welcome antiques into your home:

Unlike most new furniture, which decreases in value over time, your antique purchases will hold their value — and even increase in value over the years.

Furniture built over 100 years ago was built to last; expect to find better materials and higher-quality construction than in new mass-produced furniture. In my eyes it is such a better use of your money to invest in something that's style and build has lasted the test of time than to invest in trend-led furniture that will need replacing in a year or two. Not to mention, antiques have character, patina and a sense of history.

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