Buying Antiques Online

The advice

These days the online offering is often bigger than what you may be able to access nearby so the web can be a useful tool but do consider the following before you commit to any purchase...

Image credits: Nord Ouest

Shipping Charges

Bear in mind the type of item you are looking for. Larger pieces of furniture will no doubt have a large shipping cost attached to it, my advice would be hold back on purchasing large items online unless you are shipping multiple items at once.

Shop by Location

Many sites will offer a location filter which will prevent you from looking at items out of your reach (pun intended!), localising your search will minimise your shipping costs and lower the chance of you having to pay large custom duties.
N.B. importing from the States to the UK will often incur a hefty import charge which can be as much or more
than the item itself.

Know what you are buying

Don’t be afraid to ask for additional information and photos from different angles, exact measurements etc.

Returns policy

Always enquire about the seller's return policy - comfort is something that you can’t evaluate online so if you are buying something like a chair, sofa or bed, make sure you know what your options are if the reality isn’t in line with the sales pitch.

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