The New Road Residence

Whitechapel, London

James Brown, owner of East-London based fashion store Hostem, had a yearning for art and furnishings and so decided to add another string to his bow with The New Road Residence; a renovated Whitechapel townhouse available to rent for short or long term stays.

To help with the project, Brown brought on board Hostem’s artistic director Christie Fels who had a background in interior design and a parallel design aesthetic. Together Brown and Fels gave the beautiful Georgian townhouse a full overhaul, which they then filled with items borrowed from their most loved galleries and stores.

The property now boasts a sophisticated collection
of artwork from David Noonan and Torey Thorton surrounded by furniture from the likes of Faye Toogood,
Howe London and Rose Uniacke.

All items seen in the house are also available to buy.

For more information about the project or to arrange a stay, visit:

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