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The Cook’s Atelier

Beaune, Burgundy

Often you come across things and think ‘I wish I had done that’. When this situation arises, more often than not you then also have the self-reassuring afterthought that ‘if you had done that, you would have done it better’ - you could have improved on it, you would have taken that idea further, to perfection.

Well, when I stumbled across The Cook’s Atelier during one sunny morning walk in Beaune, Burgundy, I felt something different - I felt an odd feeling of excitement mixed with envy. I had fallen upon something I had been dreaming of, something that I had fantasised about, and, in each fantasy, it looked exactly like this - all 3 floors of it.

Housed in an 17th century building, situated on a quiet street in the centre of Beaune - Burgundy’s wine capital, is The Cook’s Atelier; a multi-culinary empire celebrating all that is French. This is the ultimate food haven; a gastronomic getaway that gives you a true taste of epicurean living. Set in a town so densely packed with fresh, seasonal produce directly available from the artisan producers, this is the perfect place to learn about French living.

This wonderful institution is the brainchild of American born Majorie Taylor and daughter Kendall both of whom have a mutual appreciation of real food, cooking and slow living – all ultimately to be shared around a table over evenings of enjoyable conversation.

There are several charms to this place. First and foremost, is 'The Atelier'; a small scale cooking school celebrating the connection between the farmer and the cook. They offer an array of courses, often starting with market tours and artisan visits, followed by hands on cooking classes, all rounded off with a sit down meal and complimentary wine pairing.

Then there is ‘The French Larder’, (what initially drew me in on that sunny morning) an exquisite cookery shop at street level stocked full of a cook’s favourite tools and precisions.

Next up is the AP Wine Store, a neighbourhood wine shop introducing customers to some of the best small production wines from hand-picked domaines in Burgundy and Europe.

If, like me, you have a burning desire to one day be a Francophile, or just fancy a relaxing yet rewarding break, then this is your place.

Oh and I must not forget to mention, they also have your accommodation covered, a quaint ‘Pied a Terre’ is located at the top of the building available for short term stays.

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