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Studio Oliver Gustav


Oliver Gustav, an Amsterdam based creative consultant caught my eye several years ago and has continued to inspire me ever since. ‘Creative consultant’ is a slightly overarching title and I only use it because he has so many strings to his bow - a specialist in interior and exterior design, art and aesthetic development.

His brilliant eye and strong brand identity have led him to have two, very successful interior stores; one in central Copenhagen and one in Soho, New York (attached to the Howard Hotel), both aptly named Studio Oliver Gustav.

His stores are exactly what you want when buying art and interiors; spaces that embody everything that he is offering you. Sold on his brand from the minute you see the store front, the buildings are beautiful, clad with immaculate ornings and an abundance of plants that invite you in.

Once inside, the interiors are quiet yet dramatic,
with Belgian timber floors set against chalky grey walls, all making a striking use of light and shadow. This raw aesthetic is the perfect setting for his products; a mixture of rare antiques, bespoke furniture and exquisite curiosities from designers such as Rick Owens and Michael Vanheyden.

His most recent venture is already causing a stirr; the opening of a new showroom and boutique at the historical Museumsbygningen in Copenhagen - a neoclassicist building with a longstanding relationship with the arts.

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