Me, The Francophile

France (as a whole)

There are many many places that I hope to travel but there is one place other than London that I would like to settle - in a sleepy village in the rolling hills of France. I seem to have an ongoing, and ever increasing passion for everything French, so much so that I find myself scratching around for endless reasons to justify regular visits and last year shamelessly spent several months trying to persuade a quiet local village to let us overrun their streets for 24 hours this September, whilst we hope to achieve ultimate sophistication - a French wedding!

The country has so many wonderful attributes but what continues to inspire me is their their way of living; a life rich in simplicity with focus on what is important; family and friends.

This simple slow culture has a deep-rooted ritual at
the centre of it; food - with mealtimes seen as a somewhat daily communion. Their social practice sees eating as so much more than just a functional activity, they associate food with an opportunity to celebrate good company and sharing.
The dinner table is the heart of the home where carefully cooked meals are thoughtful and considered and the preparation and execution is enjoyed just as
much as the food itself.

My yearning for France may be the result of my everyday life being quite the contrary. I was brought up and live in a city where time always seems limited, everyone is in a hurry and we rarely take a moment to enjoy what we are doing. I find this a great shame as there is nothing I love more than sitting around a table sharing a meal. Its not just a chance to indulge in flavourful foods but a moment to create friendships, propel tomorrow’s ideas and gain inspiration from those around me, something the French have down to an art.

So, as I continue to dream of a life in France, I also try to bring a part of it back home. Collecting homewares from the endless markets and heaving antique shops as well as learning about the different regions of wine and food to cook for friends at dinner parties. I hope to one day have a house that bustles around mealtimes and sees the evening as a collective affair with an underlying emphasis on sharing and togetherness.

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