Casa Virginia

Mexico City

Monica Patina, one of Mexico’s top chefs appointed interior design firm Habitacion 116 to help put together a vision of excellence for her latest restaurant, Casa Virginia in Mexico City’s Roma district.

Set in a 20th century building, the architects maintained the spirit and simplicity of the house to keep the focus on Patina’s vibrant dishes. And, although the interior decoration is subtle, Habitacion 116 have done a wonderful job at preserving the intricate details that tell the story of the building’s past.

Perfectly rescued architectural elements such as walls, mouldings, frames and doors were restored and painted white to give a contrast to the natural tones of the newly added wooden floors and furniture.

The decoration is minimal but exact - tablecloths are white in keeping with the walls and windows, walls kept bare with nothing more that kitchen aprons and Mexican hats to give the homely feel. And then theres the tableware, again minimal but perfectly considered - all dishes are served on tarnished platters or wooden boards and all drinks in crystal.

If you are ever in the wonderful Mexico City,
this is a must visit on every level.

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